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Scenes from the Big Top

“Scenes from the Big Top” was inspired by the ideas and imagery of the American circus, from the animals to the acrobats. It was partially inspired by the historic music of circuses, from the waltzes of trapeze artists to the classic Fillmore screamers, and this piece aimed to emulate those styles. 

As you listen to “Scenes from the Big Top,” you will hear the exotic mystique of the acrobats in the oboe, the comedy of the clowns in the clarinet, the pride of the ringleader in the saxophone, the enormity of the elephants in the bass clarinet, and the bravery of the daredevil in the bassoon. “Scenes from the Big Top” is fun, challenging, and a joy for audiences and performers alike.

Commissioned by the Paradise Winds (Phoenix, Arizona), "Scenes from the Big Top" won first prize in Music Composition for the 2014 Maricopa County Community College District Artists of Promise Awards. It was premiered by the Paradise Winds on February 8th, 2015 at Dayspring United Methodist Church in Tempe, Arizona.

“Scenes from the Big Top” is featured on Paradise Winds’ debut album, “Journey on a Comet’s Tail.” “Journey on a Comet’s Tail” is available through Spotify, Apple Music, and


Concerto for Flute

Kincaid's Concerto for Flute is currently comprised of two movements: "On the South Rim at Sunrise" and "Acts of Espionage in Monte Carlo." 

“On the South Rim at Sunrise” was inspired by experiencing the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. The movement is deeply ruminative and bluesy, opening with a sultry flute cadenza, expanding through several keys, rising harmonically until it subsides in an atmospheric extended chord. 

"Acts of Espionage in Monte Carlo" was composed with the images of James Bond, gambling, conspiracies, gadgets, and spies. This piece is jazzy, amply using swing rhythms. It suggests a frantic character, speeding up throughout the piece, and inspires the image of the constantly more pressurized situations attributed to espionage. 

The Concerto for Flute was premiered by Mindi Acosta and members of the Tucson music community on February 25th, 2017 at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music.



"Poseidon" depicts the moods, roles, and characters of the legendary Greek god for whom it is titled. In Greek mythology, Poseidon was not only the god of the seas, he was also the god of earthquakes and horses. By nature, Greek gods are savage, violent, promiscuous, and vain, and Poseidon is no expectation. In each section of this piece, I wanted to capture the almost campy existence of such an idol, so this piece features a lot of suddenly mood changes, a wide variety of tone colors, and a very nearly absurd number of dramatic flourishes.

“Poseidon” was premiered by Outlaw Reeds on February 25th, 2017 at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music. It was choreographed by Natalie Clevenger.